Our Services

We engage in:

  Business solutions from Blockchain technology e.g. Bitcoin as cryptocurrency
  Digitalization of business models and processes
  Business evaluation and valuation, acquisition and disposal
  Establishment/improvement of operating and financial reporting
  Financial planning and investment appraisal
  Debt and financial restructurings, administration of estates, estate planning,
  Succession planning, business mediation

How do we do that?

At the beginning of all our activities is a detailed getting to know your organization, as well as the operational environment, in which your enterprise operates.

Are you ready for the digital business?

What are the expected effects on the task areas or fields of activity in the companies in view of the digital changes in the work systems? In the case of the means of production, the distinction ranges from "manually controlled" work equipment to "self-controlling" machines and systems Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI). In the former, the human being is still highly active on his own; in the latter case, the work processes are largely self-controlled and automatically processed by "the technology".

The office and communication media in the administration of production and service companies are classified analogously. These range from "non-IT-based" work equipment, such as telephone or fax, in which the human is still largely self-employed, to IT-integrated computer systems and platforms whose software and algorithms perform work largely independently and automatically.

The self-controlling means of production and the IT-integrated office and communication media can thus be described as technologies of the fourth industrial revolution. In order to be able to show practically how the increased use of 4.0 technologies affects individual fields of activity, Eucredi will work out a corporate strategy for the workplace of the future. Work 4.0 - how digital technology and sharing economy are changing the whole world of work.

Your profit (SME):

Cost savings with the help of modern software solutions

Digital media have changed our lives forever. Drastic cost savings are what make SME accounting the ideal starting point for any digitization effort. With the help of modern software solutions, a huge profitability can be achieved, which pays off directly on the company's success.

More efficient processes increase their productivity

SME s benefit from the opportunities of digitization, their productivity is growing, because digital workflows shorten the turnaround time and accelerate time-consuming approval processes. So far, employees have had to spend around 30 to 40 percent of their working day searching for paper-based information, thanks to a centralized digital filing system.

Digital processes result in higher customer satisfaction

Already today, more than 60 percent of customer relationships in companies are wholly or partly via digital channels, as the study "Digitization in the German Mittelstand" shows. This fact greatly improves the response time of SMEs and thus has a direct impact on customer satisfaction. In addition to this obvious "direct line to the customer", there are other reasons why the digital transformation is worthwhile.

Digital processes for a better cooperation (sharing economy)

Not only collaboration with customers, but also internal interaction can be significantly improved by digitization. Meetings are still possible when employees are in different locations and thanks to centrally retrievable information, each team member can contribute to the company's success, regardless of time or space.

We dare to look into the tangible future - ambidextria

Together with you, we analyze how the gap between the strategy concept Ambidextrie and the advantages and disadvantages of small and medium-sized companies in their implementation could be closed. The term ambidextria is explained, goal conflicts between exploitation and exploration are illustrated and common forms of implementation are presented. We will show you the positive implications of a dual corporate strategy in digital transformation and how it affects the success of a company. Ambidextrusion is a newer idea that seems to be getting more and more interesting in current research. As a rule, SMEs do not have the resources needed to break down exploitative and explorative lines of business into two distinct administrative units, as the big company does. However, a dual strategic orientation is often regarded as a vitally important feature.